When You’re Done Expecting-A heartfelt collection of stories


This is a book with over 100 authors from across the globe. It features mothers from different cultures , who come together on one platform to tell their real life stories . They shares their fears and doubts, their big wins and little triumphs.

I’m so honoured to be part of this amazing project , a small part in a bigger story.

This is not just a book that you will read and learn from. This book can be your companion through your whole journey of motherhood. A book that will speak volumes to you at every milestone of being a mom.

As we know books can be your best friends,this one will be a friend for life.


My sky-a small thought


To all those who take out time to

read my work.. THANK YOU

It has been a while since I published anything…( been difficult few months)..

So after quite some time..This is something I wrote for my parents….


Come let’s join hands today..

We need to lift the sky…

We need to lift it up and keep it from falling…

I know it’s heavy,it’s hot,it might rain..

But still let’s try our best to spare it any pain..

This sky has stood tall,for so many lifetimes,for us all..

Now it is old and tired and might just fall..

So come let’s do what we can..

Let’s try to repay it for all we can..

This is the least we can do ..

Come on now..

Let’s join hands..

And keep OUR SKY from falling..



A few days back we celebrated another “Earth Day”.If one has school going kids you would know how often we hear the words reuse,recycle. It is a primary topic and some of us are really worried,while the majority doesn’t give two hoots about it.

So, who are the people trumpeting it?? Look around and most of the time you will find people who  think this is a fashionable thing to be associated with. People dressed in Prada and Gucci,who never seem to be reusing anything .

There are people, I know quite a few, who would not be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice.They are not poor,after all.Also,you see,fashion trends change every season and it is a mean game.

So, what do we recycle???Nothing much really.

Who really recycles?? The less wealthy,I guess.All the clothes handed down and worn by all the siblings,is a great money saver. Books,bags,shoes etc all used and reused till they  are worn out saves money and quite a few natural resources. For some people it is obvious not to waste their money and reusing is a hidden blessing.

On the other hand some of us cannot afford to be termed “poor” by using our kids clothes for the younger kids.Our friends and relatives cannot afford to feel “poor” by taking things from each other and reusing.Afterall,we all love our kids dearly and work hard for them .Don’t we?

All these things remind me of a time,well into the past.A time when things had a life.Any piece of clothing bought for the older kids in the family was expected to be worn by all the younger siblings or cousins,without any complaints.No one was ashamed or felt poor for wearing anything pre worn. Even after completing it’s life cycle,these clothes, would be used for odd jobs around the house.

Somethings you wore when you were 10,would still be around the house when you turned 15.Books would be used and reused and used again. Same went for ‘n’ number of other things.

This Earth Day I got to thinking,only making school projects about saving the earth,is not going to help anyone.Talking about recycling,and expecting others to do it,is no use.We are all guilty of creating this huge need of “stuff”.So caught up in the world of “things” everyday and dedicating just one day to talk about our most important “thing”,Earth.Ironic.

I personally feel,what  we need to do is “Rewind”,go back to that time and rethink.But,before I go about imparting this wisdom to the world,I have to practice what I preach. One small step at a time, rewind and try my best to reuse.


imageAs they say home is where the heart is. For some of us home is always in our hearts,following us, calling …People have different ways of expressing what they feel. This is my small attempt, nothing spectacular, but gets the message across to like hearted people….



I have travelled many many miles..

I think I left you far behind …

Walking down new streets ,I hear my name, turn around only to find it’s you whispering in my heart..

There is sunshine here that is just like yours..

A beautiful spring just like you and I shared..some of our pretty flowers too..

Some feelings that only you know..

Home ‘o’ dear home will you ever let me go??

My heart beats a little smoother just thinking of you..

I have grown some wings now..

Ready to meet new winds..

Ready to fly over some seas..

I would like to try,

Let me see if I can fly..

But, home ‘o’ home will you ever let me go??

You know my fears.. You have seen all my tears.. You know them all..

I carry you in my heart wherever I go, but one of these days dear home you must let me go!!!


Let there be heaven!!

imageThere is happiness and then there is heaven.Happiness in this world and heaven in the next.The search for these two is so ongoing and endless that the lines have blurred,where the search ends and the real thing begins.

There are people who would laugh and smile for no particular reason.On a crappy day, we all have sometimes wondered “what are you so happy about?”.While on other days I would look up at a grumpy face and think “what are you so vexed about?” The truth is are not we all,in a way or the other,being searching for the ever eluding “perfect world”.

My train of thought went on this track when my son asked me  “Where do people go when they die?” The answer is obvious “Heaven”.

As expected,pop came the next question “Where is heaven?”, and then in the same breath “Can people take their iPhones with them.”( I know people,kids think iPhones are a vital organ).Well, answer to the latter was easy “No”.But the answer to the former is a bit fuzzy,so I try my best “It’s supposed to be a beautiful place,where everyone is happy,healthy etc.It’s supposed to be the happiest place”.This was followed by a million other questions,I won’t go into that.

I’m sure this is a question that millions of kids have asked and would keep doing so,but the answers would still be fuzzy.

At this point I got to thinking about happiness,it just might be around us somewhere.So I tried looking for some and I found this.

For me happiness is a beautiful day at the park.Sitting under a beautiful tree,with the person I love.Birds chirping and kids playing around.Breeze in my hair and sunshine on my face.

Happiness is driving around the city after a nice dinner,some golden music.Happy kids in the backseat,not cranky or complaining for once.

Happiness is a trip to the mountains with the family.Staying in a crappy hotel with bad tea and worse food. But all that I can recall of the trip is the laughter and good time.

Happiness is the beach,waves washing over my feet.Turning my face up to the amazingly blue sky and closing my eyes for a minute,perfect solitude.

Happiness is visiting my parents one more time, with the people I love.Sitting in my favourite chair with a cup of tea and watching the whole family bicker,yet again.

Happiness is laughing heartily with my sisters,over some silly nonsense.Talking through the night but never agreeing on anything.

Happiness is all this and much much more.In the everyday ongoing struggle of life,if I have been in all these places even for a few moments then I’m grateful for it. If heaven is the happiest place that can be then I have been there and I hope and pray  for more.

Rather than trying to find the fuzzy answers or run after the ever eluding happiness, let us seize all those moments of happiness that are trying to find us everyday and we might have been too busy to stop and reflect on them.

Let us find our own heaven and bask in it. If heaven is the happiest place then let there be happiness, let there be heaven.

The friends I will always have!!

imageAs they say “Lucky are those who have a family”.

I would like to add “Luckier are those who have a family and some friends”..

Friends are like those gifts that you keep collecting along the way,some you treasure while others filed away in memory somewhere.People you meet in the unlikeliest of manners, people you don’t even like initially, turn out to be the best of friends and confidantes.

These days there is this trend of “BFF,s” everywhere,initially I was baffled by it but overtime I got a hang of it and wondered ” where are my bff’s??? Do I even have any??”I mean,where are those people I can tag in my pictures and label as my bff’s??But then,are friendships only valid and valued if displayed and announced,time and again ..Maybe..

Often I think of the friends I have, some who were at one stage or the other such an integral part of my life,some who just drifted apart and some names i even struggle to recall. But amid all these are those friends that I know I will always have.Those who I might not see for years,go months without talking,but I know are just a call or message away.

Friends from the different stages of life.

Like,the friend who was with me since the first day of school.Had our share of fights,struggles of growing up and things in life going wrong.Going our own ways and after years the friend who turned up on my birthday,unannounced,bringing me a beautiful gift.Not having met each other for years,still a precious friend.

The friend who I met in an alien world,college.The friend I shared all my fears and smiles with,over tea and her beautiful laugh.I’m sure our  small hometown would still remember the time we shared,not caring  about the high tides of life awaiting us. We go months without talking and nothing changes.

A couple of friends who had my back when I was trying to find my footing in a new company. They helped me,guided without complaining and till today would defend me in my absence.Always in touch.

Life keeps on changing and I was a new mom trying to cope with so many changes  all of a sudden.Then a stranger moves in with her family,in the apartment opposite mine.The person I’m so apprehensive about,I don’t even give her a second  thought,turns out to be my best guide,confidante and anchor in the newfound land of motherhood.With her own super busy life she always had time for me,still does.We might occasionally forget each other’s important dates but stay the same.

Then there are those friends who I think about and smile.From the first day we met they had a kind word,a helping hand. Not having met in forever,now living continents apart,these successful women are still the same,just being my friends.

I hope the people I talk about here might be able to find themselves in these words and share my smiles.I hope they know how much I appreciate them.I know these are the guys who will always be in my corner,rooting for me.

Friends that I may never have labeled as “best friends “,”casual friends ” or “friends like family”.Never felt the need to do so.

These are the friends I know I will always have. I wish,bff’s or not, may we all have some such friends in our lives,always. The friends that we will always have.




“Working” mom..


The other day at the supermarket,with my  three year old perched on the shopping trolley,I was trying to rush through my weekly shopping list.Now, as moms all around the world would know,this is no easy task and the moment you are done,another whole list of things need buying.

So, there I was,at 6 in the evening in my semi- zombie state. I was zigzagging through the aisles,ignoring the constantly complaining child and trying to avoid trampling people under my trolley.I hear my name being called and turn around just to make sure.In the crowd of shoppers I spot a familiar looking face,I take a few seconds to recognize her as a lady I know through my son’s school. Her child goes to the same class  as my son and  we have met in open houses and PTA meetings.We even arranged a few play dates for our kids, that is,until I found her parenting techniques a bit questionable ( I can get on my high horse like that sometimes).

This lady works at an insurance firm and whatsapp’s me from time to time about school stuff.As she walked towards me I sigh and mentally prepare for  all the questions about the,soon to be submitted,school project. Dressed in smart formalwear, not a hair out of place and not a kid in tow, she was all smiles.We got talking and after a few minutes of meaningless conversation,she asked me ” So you are still not working,right?”I assure you, this topic has been covered between her and me, more times than I care.Mostly , to this question, I would smile and answer “No”. But this particular day, with one eye and ear on the constant whining child, I felt irritated, very very irritated.

I asked her “Do you see me in a dress with my hair all glossy and a drink in my hand?”. I continued “Do u also hear the music and can u see the beautiful food( not cooked by me) on the table?”.Trust me, she was spooked by this time. “Tell me, do u like the lighting?” I asked. I kept staring at her waiting for her response, she stammered,looking around “No!!”.I say, very calmly “So, you see,I AM WORKING!!”, and I turn my trolley around and walk away leaving her open mouthed in the middle of aisle number 5 “household cleaning and detergents”..

But later in the evening it got me thinking,why are we stay-at-home mothers so looked down upon by the “working ” mothers?Ask me “am I working in a professional capacity?” But don’t question me about “working”, when all I do is work.

Yes,I am a stay at home mom. Yes, I quit my job during my first pregnancy. Yes,I always meant to start “working”, but couldn’t find it in my heart to leave my infant son.After a few years  my daughter came along,and I just continued to be “non-working “.

Some might wonder what is the big deal about a simple question that has been posed to so many women, so many times.True,no big deal. The thing is this question should not be asked, especially with words dripping sarcasm,to people who do nothing but  work( quite often a thankless job).

Do we get paid? Not exactly!!

Duty hours??Anyone who has cleaned poop and vomit at 3:30 in the morning would know.

Leaves?Hell,no!! But we would like some.

Deadlines?Try turning a shoe box into a house,with only some coloured paper at hand.You see,kids just remember to tell u this stuff at 10:30 in the night.It needs to be ready by 6:00 in the morning.

Dress in the morning and have adult conversation all day is my idea of mini heaven.


This is just a small insight into my “non-working ” life. The list is endless.

By now some of you might be wondering is this my frustration and anger about being stuck at home all day. No, this is my frustration at being judged for my choices.My choices don’t make me any less smarter.

I look at you and respect you.How you juggle it all, work, home ,kids. I admire your strength,your resolve. I don’t question your choice of leaving your only child in the care of a stranger or not making it to any sports day,ever.This is your choice and it works for you.

Staying at home all day and turning into a crazy woman by 9:00 pm (everyday) is my choice and I stand by it.This is not about one choice being better than the other. It’s only about doing to the best of our abilities, what is best for our families.

So my friend if you cannot come to terms with my “not-working”, keep it to yourself.Next time you question me about it at, let me warn you, I will again leave you open mouthed in aisle number 5 and March right back to my “non-working” life..